Slovenia is one of the rare countries in the world that can offer the tastes of the Mediterranean, the Alps or the Pannonian plains, all within a geographically small territory. It is a global green boutique destination for demanding visitors who look for varied and active experiences, peace and personal benefits. Both Rakitna and our hotel are ideal for the development of sustainable, green and active tourism.


With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still fresh in all our minds, people now have an ever-stronger desire to return to nature. At Rakitna, we provide active experiences in an unstressed environment, with unique Alpine-Mediterranean air.




Rakitna Hotel is situated in Brezovica municipality, which has recently opened a hiking route


A hiking circular route named PENTLJA (or “bow”) is divided into 18 sections. The whole circular route is marked with mountain Knafelc markings, with the sign of Pentlja (which looks like a number eight on its side) added under it. Along the entire route, all direction signs have the inscription PENTLJA. At the end of each section there is a stamp for the hikers to certify the path they have walked. Hikers who walk the entire route and can prove it with stamps will receive a badge.

The circular route starts in Brezovica municipality at the kindergarten Brezovica, Radna at the altitude of 305m above sea level. From there you follow a marked mountain trail over Fajtov vrh and further along to Javka. Here you leave the trail and turn right and after a fairly steep path reach Gradišče, at 530m alt. At the top of Gradišče the first section ends and you will find the stamp. (3.5km) 1h 25 min

From Gradišče you continue through to Strmica and join the path that leads to Kamnšca, 462 m, and along the path to Vrh, Debeli hrib, 540m alt. (look for frogs). There you will find the stamp for the second section. (3km) 1 h 10 min

From the top of Debeli hrib you turn left and follow the road. After a short distance you join the road from Dragomer to Ključ. You continue to walk towards Dragomer and follow the markings and direction signs. Crossing the hay meadows at Liparjev grič, you reach a crossroads. The right road is towards Dragomer, but you go straight towards Lukovica. In Lukovica, you turn right to Tržaška cesta, cross it at the zebra crossing and go to the other side of the highway using the flyover. From there you walk along Veliki mah to the crossroads, Vnanje Gorice, Žabnica and Podplešivica, turn right and walk along Švajc to the direction sign that leads you to Žabnica–Podplešivica road, where you turn right and after 500m at the direction sign and head to the forest. The forest road brings you to Plešivica village, where it merges with the Kurirska pot (the courier trail), maintained by Rega Mountain Society (PD Rega). Along this path you come to the direction sign that directs you left, and after a 100m walk you reach the highest hill of Barje, Plešivica, 390m alt., where you get this section’s stamp. (7.5km) 1h 45 min

As the path across the top is closed, you go back to the intersection with the village road, turn left and follow the Kurirska pot, maintained by PD Rega, and continue the way towards Notranje Gorice village, passing through this village and crossing Kušljanov graben brook at the new Gasilski dom (fire station), then leave the path and follow a fairly busy road to Podpeč. The circular route turns right and follows the railway embankment to the old Ljubljanica riverbed; there you turn left through the underpass under the railway (not passable when flooded). On the other side of the railway you turn right and continue almost to the Ljubljanica river. Here you turn left and follow the Ljubljanica to Podpeč, cross the bridge and at the roundabout take the way to Jezero village. The stamp is available at the billboard at the bus stop opposite the Gasilski dom (fire station). (7.75km) 1h 55 min.

You continue on the path along the lake to the small inn where you can take a rest and have something to eat and drink, then climb up to Sveta Ana (Saint Anne), a 484m high hill. You get the stamp at the information board. If the weather is nice you can go to the church at the top and enjoy the panoramic view of the entire Ljubljansko barje, spreading out in front of you. (1.3km) 50 min.

After the panoramic view at the top of Sv. Ana (something you must not miss), you continue towards the village of Preserje and at the parking area for the visitors of Sv. Ana and Krim turn left toward Planinica hamlet and Krim mountain. If you have time, visit Ledena jama (ice cave) below Planinica, with a visit taking 40 min. You continue from Planinica to the top of Krim, at an altitude of 1107m. Here you can get the stamp, refresh yourself in the hut and even stay overnight if you are tired. (10.5km) 2h 35 min.

From the top of Krim, the path continues towards Rotovc. Follow the road towards Rakitna. After a 4km walk in Lepa dolina you turn left and up to Rotovc (0.5km). At the top of Rotovc you get the stamp and the best view of the whole Rakitna plateau. (4.5km) 1h 35 min.

You continue towards Rakitna and before Boršt hamlet (the village of Rakitna consists of nine hamlets) you turn left towards Ustje. Here your path joins the Ljubljana Youth Walking Trail, while further on they separate again. The youth trail goes left towards Krvavice, and your path right towards Vrbica. Here descend to the gorge of the Iška and Zala rivers. The confluence of the two rivers is also the meeting point of the municipalities of Brezovica, Ig, Velike Lašče and Cerknica. The path to the gorge is demanding but secured at exposed places, and this is where you find the stamp. (5.15km) 1h 30 min.

At low waters you can cross the Zala river – just take off your shoes and socks, roll your trousers above the knees and off you go through the water. On the other side you can get dry and put your socks and shoes back on, then continue to Osredek hamlet. Alternatively, you could bring along two plastic bags in your backpack to cover your shoes. More seriously, you will have to get wet crossing the Zala river, as any footbridge that is built is very quickly swept away, and it is difficult to build a permanent one because this is a national park. At the beginning of Osredek village, you get the stamp at Pri Sterletovih – an open-door farm where they will be glad if you stop by for something to eat, with the food being highly praised by visitors. (3km) 1h 30 min.

And you will need to be full of energy for this section. The circular route continues through Osredek village, and then further on you turn right and follow a new descent to the Zala gorge (with a footbridge) and then an ascent past Selan farm and children’s health resort to the centre of Rakitna. The stamp is in a cabinet at the entrance to Krimček bar. (4.5km) 1h 10 min.

You continue walking and in the centre of Rakitna join the Youth Walking Trail towards Cerknica. At the bus station you leave Ljubljana Youth Trail, which turns right, and go straight along the path, turning left after the lake. You can also go along the Rakitna lake and past the hotel (where you can stay overnight and enjoy their delicious food), and from there along the so-called Jamborna pot (Mast Trail) and past the “Rakitna monster” (a giant fir tree of 9 m3) is a copy of the original tree), the incredible 64m long ship’s mast that was cut at Rakitna and transported in one piece to Trieste shipyard in 1893. You continue along the Mast Trail to the crossing with the Rakitna–Cerknica road and along the ridge of Novaška gora, at 998m alt., where you find the stamp. (3.25km) 1h 20 min.


From Novaška gora you continue over the pass under Krimšček hill to the crossing with the Youth Trail. From there along the path you go straight to Smrekovec. To the right, the Ljubljana Youth Trail leads to Rakitna, and to the left to Borovnica, while you climb straight to the top of Smrekovec, 959m alt., where you get the stamp. (2.75 km) 1h 40 min.

From Smrekovec, your walk continues towards Kavc. You cross the Ljubljana–Rakitna road, the road to Krim and continue along the path to a forest road that leads towards Podkraj at Tomišelj. After a 3km walk along the road you reach the Krim–Plehanov laz path. There you turn left and along the mountain trail go towards the shelter Zavetišče na Kavcu. There you will find the stamp and benches for taking a welcome rest. (5km) 1h 55 min.

After taking a rest you can continue down the path to the forest road that goes left towards Plehanov laz. Turn right at the crossroads and take the forest path to the Krim–Preserje trail. Once you arrive at this trail, turn left towards Dolenja Brezovica, walk through the village and at the end of it turn left towards Ponikve, then after 100 metres you will reach a sign for a house called “Pri Tujcu”, here you turn right and walk another 100 metres. The stamp is on the left side of the field path near the house. (2.5km) 1h 30 min.

As you continue along this path you walk through Ponikve, and after 30 minutes pass the church to the village of Preserje. Here you reach the mountain trail Preserje–Railway Station and follow it to turn left towards Kamnik. Ponikve is the smallest karst area, called a polje, in Slovenia, and it can be walked through only when there are no floods. In case of floods, it’s best to take the Dolenja Brezovica–Preserje road and continue to the village of Preserje. Here the route joins the way to the railway station and the village of Kamnik. At the end of the village of Kamnik, this bypass separates from the path that goes to the railway station, as it turns left towards Žalostna gora, a 416m hill. You can find the stamp on the outer wall of the stairs into the churchyard. (3km) 1h 20 min.

Return to the crossroads (100m) where you turn left and then walk downhill to rejoin the village path. Here you turn left again and go towards the Preserje railway station, but the bypass turns right to the Podpeč–Borovnica road. This is where you turn right towards Podpeč and there you’ll find the stamp in the roof above the well by the fire station. (2km) 45 min.

From the fire station in Podpeč, continue across the parking lot next to the Mercator supermarket, take the pedestrian crossing to the other side of the Notranje Gorice–Podpeč road, turn left here and continue across the bridge over the Ljubljanica river. At the former factory, turn right, cross the courtyard and walk along the Ljubljanica to the signpost. Continue along the field path towards Notranje gorice. At the beginning of the settlement, turn right, cross the Drobtinka stream and follow the path around the hill of Zadačenica towards Veliki vrh. This is the second highest peak in the Barje, at 375 m, and you can find the stamp here. (8.3km) 2h 40 min.

From Veliki vrh you continue along the ridge of the hill and over Hrib to the crossroads with the village road in the direction Gmajnice–Vnanje Gorice. Once you arrive at this road, turn right and then left at the crossroads and walk along the Nova pot road. Pass the wayside shrine and continue to the railway crossing in Vnanje Gorice. Cross the railway tracks, turn right and walk on the sidewalk to Brezovica. Turn right at the crossroads with Tržaška cesta and take the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights, turn left towards the kindergarten in Brezovica, which marks the end of the circular route. At the kindergarten building, more precisely at the entrance to the office of the Pensioners’ Association, you’ll find the stamp. (3.72km) 1h 20 min.

I hope you enjoyed the walk, and there’s something I’d like to ask you that would help others to enjoy it too. If there was anything that caused you problems, or you saw any mistakes in the markings and signs, please let us know where and what the problem was. And if you were satisfied with the journey, please tell everyone at home so that they will also come to hike all around Brezovica and get the chance to see how beautiful this place is.

The full trail is about 83.42km long, and it can be walked in around 25 hours.

We wish you good luck along the way, beautiful weather and pleasures in nature.

Franc Maček, in charge of the trail markings



The trail starts at Rakitna Hotel, 28km south of Ljubljana. It is 3,100m long and the difference in altitude is 100m. Hiking shoes are recommended. The trail is appropriate for a one-hour walk or for a half-day trip. It is great for school groups, families and other nature lovers. The nature trail starts at the lake of Rakitna. It can be reached from Ljubljana via Črna vas or Brezovica, and from the seaside and Notranjska region via Cerknica.

On this trail, you can learn something about the diverse landscape of Rakitna, the origin and richness of its animate and inanimate nature, as well as the history of the people who settled here, and their activities in the past. The path takes you past the lake, a stream and other wetlands to overgrown meadows all the way to dense forests, the home of wild animals and large carnivores. Eventually you will arrive at the third century wall with which the Romans defended Italy against the “barbarians”.

Information boards and other features will help you understand what you see in the landscape around you, and the content is suitable for both adults and children. With your smartphone, you will be able to connect to the internet and find additional information there. Information boards on this trail include special programs for children, as does the website https://www.rakitna.si/ucna-pot, with fieldwork exercises and worksheets.

Županov vrh

The path leads from Rakitna Hotel through the centre of Rakitna and up the hill into the forest. You will walk from the asphalt road onto a forest path which soon turns into a true mountain path with tree roots and rocks scattered all around, but it is still easy to walk, and thus this trail really is suitable for everyone. Before ascending to the highest point, a little detour to Rotovc can be made. This is a hill, 964m high, that offers a beautiful view of the entire Rakitna plateau and has a bench in the shade for a well-deserved rest. Below the ridge of the hills the trail rises along a rather steep path to the hill of Županov vrh. At 999m above sea level, it features a beautiful meadow and an even more beautiful view of the entire village of Rakitna.

After a bit more than two hours of walking, the trail leads you back to Rakitna Hotel, where you can treat yourself to some refreshments and delicious home-made specialties such as the gibanica (Prekmurje layer cake) and strudel.


The trail starts at the hotel, from where you head towards the centre of Rakitna. Next to the parking lot by the church, you’ll be able to see the signposts for Krim and Iški Vintgar. After a short ascent, you arrive at an unmarked crossroads, where the road turns left to a nearby bar and you take the one to the right where you’ll be able to notice markings a few metres ahead. After you’ve walked further for a short while, you arrive at the next crossroads. Here, you take the left road uphill (on the right, you will see the Rakitna Health Resort) and follow it for a short time to the marked crossroads. This is where you leave the road and continue slightly to the right along the marked path in the direction of Krim (the path that turns sharply to the right would take you to Iški Vintgar). The path then goes uphill across meadows and along the top of them to a crossroads, where you continue along the marked path on the right. During your ascent you’ll be able to read several information boards about the forest trail. From the ridge between Županov vrh and Rotovc take the path slightly to the left, in the direction of Krim (the one that goes straight would take you to Rotovc in 5 minutes). When the marked path from the Plehanov laz hunting lodge joins your path from the left, you can leave the road and continue the ascent sharply to the right in the direction towards Krim. When the path arrives at the fence of a nearby military area, walk uphill along the fence to the nearby road, then to the left and after a minute of walking you will reach the top of the Krim Mountain. Tea and snacks are available at the mountain lodge. You can return to the hotel by the same route. The hike will take 3 to 4 hours and is 15km long going both ways.

Trail through the hills of Rakitna

The hiking route starts at Rakitna Hotel with the forest trail all the way to the information board No. 6 where you continue straight up the hill and reach the information board No 14. This is where you turn right and reach the Rakitna–Cerknica main road. Continue towards Cerknica for a little more than 100m and on the right side you will notice a forest path that leads uphill towards Novaška gora or Šop at 998m above sea level. This hill has a beautiful vantage point, and in sunny weather you’ll be able to see the Alps from there. Then walk along the ridge to a nice place to rest, this is Krimšček (940m). Then the route goes uphill one last time, up the hill of Smrekovec. From Smrekovec one can descend back to Novaki or walk on and reach the crossroads where the trail to the Krim Mountain begins. From there you can return on the main road, through the centre of the village back towards Rakitna Hotel. The route is not demanding, it is 13km long, and takes about 4 hours to walk.



CYCLING ROUTE 1: Rakitna–Krim–Rakitna

Distance: 22km

Route description: This pleasant and not too difficult mountain bike trail starts at Rakitna Hotel, goes through the village on the asphalt road all the way to the turnoff for Krim (the sign that says: Krim 8 km). Then it continues slightly uphill on a wide macadam road and descends at the clearing, where the road to Krim is the first turn to the left. This road is still wide but of poorer quality, so it is more suitable for mountain bikes and trekking bikes with bigger tires. At the top of Krim is a mountain lodge. You return the same way. The route can be cycled throughout the year.

CYCLING ROUTE 2: Rakitna–Ljubljana–Rakitna

Distance: 48km

As this route is long and requires cycling uphill back to Rakitna, it is something for cyclists that are in good shape. A specialized road bike is recommended.

Route description: Start at Rakitna Hotel where you turn right towards the centre of the village. After you’ve cycled past the Church Of The Holy Cross, the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes and the chapel of St. Anton, you arrive at the crossroads with the road that leads to Krim. From there on, a pleasant descent awaits you, through the village of Preserje to Podpeč. Turn left at the roundabout in Podpeč and then you can decide whether to turn right towards Črna vas or continue straight forward towards Brezovica. The route to Brezovica would take you through the villages of Notranje gorice and Vnanje gorice. Then you take the Vrhnika–Ljubljana road, Tržaška cesta, and you arrive in Ljubljana. We recommend a visit to the Old Town and a pleasant lunch by the Ljubljanica river. Then you can hop on your bike and quickly burn the calories by taking the same route back to Rakitna.

CYCLING ROUTE 3: Rakitna–Cerknica–Logatec–Vrhnika–Ljubljana–Rakitna

Distance: 90km

Route description: This is a beautiful tour from Rakitna with a descent towards Lake Cerknica (22km). The world-famous intermittent lake is filled with water in the spring and is a lake until summer, with more than 200 species of birds. In summer, the water level decreases, as the water flows underground to the Karst area and the Ljubljana Basin. After you leave Cerknica, look for the road signs towards Logatec. From there, take the main road to Vrhnika and then to Ljubljana. As this route is long and has several ascents, it is recommended for people in better physical condition. The best time to cycle it is late spring or autumn.


Our hotel is ideal for anyone who wishes to enjoy some peace, fresh air, walks, cycling and discovering the natural beauty of Rakitna and its surroundings, so here is a list of some opportunities for excursions and activities in our hotel. In the immediate vicinity of the Hotel you can choose surfing, fishing, boating on the lake, riding horses, swimming in the lake, playing beach volleyball, basketball and futsal or just relax in a deck chair on our sunny terrace. In winter, you can skate, cross-country ski or simply enjoy the snow.

In one week of staying with us, you can see all of Slovenia by taking excursions such as these:

  • Ljubljana – distance: 25km, driving time: 30 min; sightseeing, castle, shopping…
  • Postojna Cave – distance: 67km, driving time: 60 min; a tour of the world-famous cave, Predjama castle
  • Lipica – distance: 99km, driving time: 1h 15 min; beautiful Lipizzaner horses, golf
  • Portorož – distance: 107km, driving time: 1h 30 min; Slovenian coast, saltworks, Piran
  • Bled – distance: 112km, driving time: 1h 25 min; one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, castle, golf
  • Čatež – distance: 122km, driving time: 1h 25min; mineral water spa, town, golf at the Mokrice castle
  • Maribor – distance: 151km, driving time: 1h 45 min; great city of culture, Lent (Old Town by the river)


We can also put together daily hiking and cycling program or packages according to your wishes. Just send us an inquiry with details of what you are interested in.


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